“I am doing so great” Cha Cha Eke tells her fans as she shows her baby bump evidence of settlement

Some months ago rumours of Nollywood actress Cha Cha Eke divorcing her husband Ikechukwu Faani Who’s also a Nollywood script writer spread all over the internet like wild fire.

The actress in a viral video which was also shared SGN TV was seen saying she was done with the marriage and she has taken a bond step by walking away, after the video which she posted on her wall went viral she deleted the vidoe.

After the vidoe was deleted she we t ahead to share the picture of herself receiving treatment at the hospital and attributed the said video to her mental health, after this So many people became concern about her mental health.

After the saga, The actress stop posting on her walls as usual.

But today she just surprised her fans as she posted her new picture showing her heavily pregnant.

Read her post :

“I have received many phone calls, read lots of DMs’, text messages and emails from many concerned folks these past months. 98% of them inquiring, “ChaCha, are you okay? ChaCha, I hope you’re fine now?”….

Beloved, like the butterfly I have been metamorphosing. Healing my mind before my body can make it out here. Join me thank my “Chi” who has gloriously renewed my spirit and restored my body. I have seen the light; every darkness in my path have disappeared. I am happy to be back. I am Okay. I am doing so Great.
Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually 💯

Thank you for loving ChaCha Eke Faani ❤️”

She concluded

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