“women cheat more than men, by a long mile” Angela Nwosu says

In this era where cheating in marriage has become the order of the day, so many people wonders who cheats more among a husband and a wife.

People believe that most men cheat in marriages more than women because they cling to the saying “men are polygamous in nature”.

According to social media Influencer and digital ogbanje Angela Nwosu she has a different view and openion. She believes that while all focus and attacks are on men, women lives dirty lives under a big covering.

Read her full post :

“You see eeh, I will be the few women, or even the only woman that believes women cheat more than men, by a long mile. It’s so difficult for a man to know his wife/girlfriend is cheating. The society has used ‘men are polygamous in nature’ to brainwash a lot of people to think men are the most cheat. I will never believe that.

Women are emotional beings, men are physical beings. Women will cheat on you for years and you will never find out, but cheating men are easy to catch. Most paranoid women in marriages/relationships are cheats, they know and understand the game, that’s why, instead of praying for you as their husband, they dedicate their time in monitoring your movements and searching through your phone. A killer will not allow a killer to kill him. There are some that are doing it out of experience, though. But take it or leave it, women cheat more than men.

I have seen multiple women that cheats on their husbands, but are always accusing their husbands of cheating on them, I swear, this is not nollywood, it’s reality. A woman can cheat on you forever and you will never find out, but cheat on her a few times, boom 💥 you are caught, with reckless abandon.

They are smarter, cleaner, observing, cautious, pretenders, than the men. And just like men, when you catch a cheating woman, she is not sorry for cheating on you, she’s just sorry that she was caught and she will do it over and over again.

I also don’t believe that a cheat will change, they might slow down and change tactics, but will never change, this is both men and women. You can argue, disagree and drag this post all you want, but my opinion is my opinion, you can stick to your usual ‘men are polygamous in nature’ 🤣

Bottom line, say no to cheating. One prick and one toto should be enough for us. The 5 minutes pleasure is not worth your peace of mind.


Udo!” she concluded

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