They warned us that our late brother would have short life if he marries Dorine, relative tells the story of the widow abandoned by her in laws

By Juli Mbah

Dorine ; the widow in question

The story making round the internet about a lady who was abandoned by her in-laws after her husband died.


Sky Gospel News TV earlier reported the story about one Facebook user Mrs Dorine Darlington Obi who posted her experience and encounter with her late husband’s family. She narrated how the family abandoned her and her two kids just because she came from Ngwa village in Abia state.

She alleged that her only offence was coming from “Ngwá” village.

Dorine showing off her boobs

Many countered her story saying that it’s not good to judge the late husband’s family without hearing from them the reason of abandoning their late son’s children.

A comment under Dorine’s post
The late husband and late daughter

Our reporter visited one of the relatives of the late husband who narrated the real story.

According to the relative who spoke extensively with our reporter, she said:

“Before I start do you know that it’s very difficult for an Igbo family to abandon their children especially when the father is’s not good for people to just conclude without hearing from both sides, she continued

“The father in-law in question is a SAN and also a Knight in the church the mother in-law is also a judge in a Magistrate court. Our family is a well respected one in our community and nobody in the community calls our father by his name all call him daddy because of his good deeds to people and how he sponsored many children in school, she continued.

“When our late brother brought Dorine home as his fiance everybody welcomed her and as the tradition of the Igbos demands, we went for “iju ase” concerning the family of the wife to be.

“After the “iju ase” daddy found out that Dorine came from a weird family where most of their women don’t last in marriages and also that the family attends white garment church. Being that daddy is strong in church, he also backed it up with prayers which Obichukwu the son also took part in and it was revealed that if his son Marries Dorine that he would have a “short life”

“Daddy called his son whose name was Obichukwu and told him the findings he made and concluded that he doesn’t want him to marry such a woman.

“The late son agreed with daddy only to come back after some time and announced that Dorine was pregnant.

“Daddy accepted and said that he should go on with the marriage preparations since she was already pregnant and a baby was involved.

“During the wedding daddy sponsored the wedding and even rented a limousine for the couple because Obichukwu was well loved by all in the family being that he was the first son and very close to our daddy. Daddy rented a limousine for the cost of one hundred thousand naira in order to make his son and his bride happy.

Dorine standing close to the limousine rented by her father in law for her during her wedding
Dorine iinside 100, 000 naira rented limousine by her father in law.

“Concerning Dorine’s claims that her only crime was coming from”Ngwa” it was all lies because daddy’s daughter also married an Ngwa man.

Dorine’s father in-law giving her a peck on her wedding day

“our family is learned and exposed we are not primitive so tribe or village doesn’t come to play where we are involved, one of my brother married a girl from rivers state and they are happy together” she continued.

“After the wedding ceremony, Dorine came in and displayed the character she was well known for. She separated the late husband from his family and forced him to rent a house leaving the one of the father’s house they were staying in.. Daddy has so many houses that he rented out and the ones he gave out to his children. So renting a house when there were unoccupied houses was an eye saw.

“Nobody was disturbing Dorine or envious of her everybody in the family is rich and comfortable, it was even Obichukwu that was not financially strong out of all his siblings. We are all doctors, engineers and mostly barristers in the family.

“Being the first son daddy didn’t care wheather he was rich or not since he would be the one to take over everything if anything happens to him tomorrow. Obichukwu was everyone’s favourite in the family but Dorine came in and turned him against his family.

“Obichukwu even beat his married sister because of Dorine and so many other things that happened before he died.

“The marriage lasted for less than four years when my brother died in a motor accident alongside his first daughter.

“When the husband died nobody saw Dorine she didn’t take part in the burial preparation she only came back on the very day of the burial.

“During the burial she left the following day when the burial ceremony was still on and that was the last time anybody heard from her. The whole family was on mourning and was supposed to remove the mourning cloth after one year according to tradition but she removed her clothe barely six months after the husband died. My brother died in April and she removed her cloth on September without informing anybody.

“The next time the family heard from her was when she put to bed and she sent a message that she had delivered, daddy replied her “glory be to God, Obichukwu now has a replacement”

“Barely one year her husband died she participated in a widow’s competition and she won which she posted on her wall as if she was just waiting for her husband to die. All her activities making us to believe that she killed our brother. Go and check some of her dressings and find out if that’s the way a mother and married woman Should dress. She is in women’s guild in church and I wonder if her pastor doesn’t correct her in the ways she dresses

“I heard she has been telling people that she wants to join Nollywood and she wants a good producer to tell her story, and to her the best way to join Nollywood and get people’s attention is to put up her short cut story and tarnishing the image of a well respected family.

“If she was good there must be that one person in the family hat will stand by her but lo and behold no single person is on Dorine’s side.

“Exactly one year and six months that my brother died, her boyfriend came to marry her. It was her boyfriend that bought the jeep she is driving for her. When my brother was alive he doesn’t have a car. When her boyfriend made inquiries about her and he was also told that he would die if he marries her, he insisted and went ahead with the marriage preparations. We learnt the young man died before the introduction and Dorine seized his jeep when his family wanted to collect it.

“Till today we still Mourn our brother Obichukwu, its almost 4 years now but his memory still lives in us. It was last week that I discarded his burial brochure I couldn’t do it all this years, how I wish he was alive to correct his mistakes” she concluded in tears.

Watch Some of Dorine’s social media pictures where she displays her boobs:

Dorine and her late husband

Some of Dorine’s Facebook posts :

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