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The former minister of Aviation and PDP stakeholder Femi Fani-Kayode has totally condemned the killings of 21 unarmed Biafrans observing a peaceful meeting in Enugu state.

Yesterday Sunday the 23rd of August was a black Sunday in Emene Part of Enugu as the residents were turn apart by the hot afternoon shootings by the men of Nigerian security DSS.

It was gathered that the police invaded the meeting place of the Biafrans and threatened to arrest them when they refused, police men sent for back up from DSS who came in and started shooting on sight. 21 persons was reported dead while several others were injured.

Femi Kayode took to his Facebook page to condemn the killings and the bad incident, according to him the killings will rather strengthens their cause, hardens their hearts, emboldens their resolve, legitimises their struggle and wins them sympathy and new friends all over the world.

He posted :👇

I deplore and condemn the slaughter of young IPOB members in Enugu yesterday by the Federal Government-controlled security forces.

Butchering innocent and defenceless young people who were not carrying arms simply because they were having a meeting does not make sense and does not help matters.

Rather it strengthens their cause, hardens their hearts, emboldens their resolve, legitimises their struggle and wins them sympathy and new friends all over the world.

It is also a crime against humanity and those that carry out such murderous operations and dole out such orders become automatic candidates for the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

Repression fuels the struggle for liberation and freedom rather than stifle it. The more IPOB youths are killed the more their ranks will swell.

I call on the Buhari administration to stop this open display of sociopathic madness and gratuitous violence against it’s own citizens and to be more tolerant, accommodating and restrained.

I call for a cessation of hostilities and state-sponsored violence and on the Federal Government to lift the ban on IPOB and enter into negotiations with them before it is too late.

We must build bridges and not burn them. We must have the courage to talk to those who we may disagree with but who genuinly feel hurt and aggrieved and bring them back to the table.

We must find a more civilised and humane way to resolve our differences.

Permit me to add the following. If it is true that two DSS operatives were killed by IPOB then I condemn that as well.

There is NOTHING to be gained in shedding blood and the killing of security operatives is not only morally reprehensible but will also lead to more violence and oppression.

“The resistance to tyranny and injustice must be peaceful and passive. That is the ONLY way forward. That is the moral path and it is the only one that ought to be taken”. He concluded.

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