“I lost my both hands in the North” Man with mutilated hands seeks for hand transplant – Sky Gospel News TV

By: Juli Mbah

A young man by name Simon Ikechukwu Igboke has cried out bitterly explaining the pains he goes through living with mutilated hands for years. According to him living with mutilated hands has never been an easy one for him.

He has been nurturing this dream of having a hand transplant but what is hindering it is money according to him, though he has not giving up hope knowing that it will happen someday.

He went on to narrate how the incident happened and the pains he has borne since after the incident.

Simon Ikechukwu Igboke is a well known and strong supporter of the movement for the actualization of Biafra as a nation even in his present condition. His mutilated hands was never an excuse to him as he is always seen in most IPOB meetings and activities and during court outings of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when he was in prison.

Simon Igboke with his complete hands

He made his dream known on his Facebook wall, he posted with pictures :👇

This is my dream : I pray every day and night for me to have an opportunity to go for a hand transplant someday, living like this is really not easy since 18th of February 2014 😞😢😭😢😞

I was born in intermanter in Boki in Ogoja of cross state in Biafra land but grew up in the northern part of the zoo called “Nigeria 🇳🇬” ….. Growing up in the northern part of “Nigeria 🇳🇬” was really a terrible experience for me as a child witnessing bloodshed and killing of innocent people who are demanding for their fundamental human rights,

I lost my both hands in the northern part of “Nigeria 🇳🇬” because of the greedy and selfish interest of Nigerian government against Biafrans who are traders in the northern part of Nigeria, demolishing their shops and marketplace just to leave it languishing as an open field that nothing is being constructed upon.

there is more to my story then I explain on social media but no one can feel my pain and anger against Nigeria and her government and its system of operation than the way I do on daily basis, I go through deep and painful phantom pains every night flashing back memories of what happened at umahia in Abia State where a police officer who is supposed to be protecting civilians used his rifle (AK47) on my both hands considering the fact that I have been facing pains on daily basis at night 😔😢😔

So many questions on my inbox and it all about “brother what really happened to ur both hands”????

I was working with a mechanic workshop as the manager as of then (2012 – 2014) so on February 18th 2014 one of our neighbors call me and other two boys who were under me to help him shift his container from where the zoo government were demolishing the shops of Biafrans at Abuja, so when we got there the man ask me to help remove a poll that was beside the container so that others can gain access to shift the container but unknown to me that they was a high tension PHCN wire there and as I was trying to remove the poll so that others will gain access to shift the container the poll went and touched the high tension PHCN wire and I was electrocuted which causes me to lose my both hands after so many medication but in the hospital and even traditional !!!!!


See pictures of Simon Igboke making use of his mutilated hands👇

Simon Igboke writing on a paper
Simon Igboke typing and drawing with phone

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