Painful Exit: The Story Of Izu, The Boy Who Shot Himself After Been Falsely Accused Of Rape – Sky Gospel News TV

The internet has been on fire regarding the young boy Izu, who took his life because he was forcefully accused of rape.

It was a story that millions of people condemned believing that IZU is innocent and the accuser should be made to face the law.

There are different versions of this story lately, but here is what few things you should know about the late Izu. 👇

Painful Exit: The Story Of The Boy Who Shot Himself After Been Falsely Accused Of Rape

  1. His full name was Izuchukwu Madubueze was the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on July 16, 2020,”
  2. He Lived in Tampa Florida and he was a well known enterpreneur and fashion designer as you can see in his picture.
  3. Trouble started when he came online to see that a Nigerian girl in twitter has added his name to a list of people who tried to rape her for no just cause!
  4. Izu Reached out to the girl in many efforts to get her to take down his name but she refused. According to izu friends Izu turned the girl down weeks ago so this might be her way of getting back at him.

5 . Izu did a long video with a sucide note where he tried to explain to the world that he was innocent. The video is available online. Go watch it

  1. Many people reached out to him privately but were afraid to speak out for him. They were afraid of getting dragged online by angry feminsist so they all kept mute even when they knew he was innocent.
  2. Izu was found dead on the 16th of july where he apparently shot himself. His family are inconsolable about the loss of their son.

8; izuchukwu happens to be the sensitive type of humans who are very emotional and so therefore he couldnt cope with the burning pain of being falsely accussed.

  1. RAPE is a very serious Crime, It deserves all the attention it gets. Our society should do more to end rape,
  2. But then , Do you agree with me that False Rape Accusers should also Go to Jail! ?


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