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By: our reporter

Arthur Eze has been on the news recently for his verbal against his tribe, the Igbos.

Arthur Eze a successful business man and oil mogul last week said That his Igbo tribe is not united and at such will never be the president of Nigeria.

He also said that an Igbo man should be grateful to Nigerian president, Muhammad Buhari for his love towards Igbos. He also added that Igbos has nothing to loose in this Buhari regime.

This utterances of his has spark fire among the Igbos that they termed Arthur Eze a selfish man who is only after his pocket.

On this note a source close to the Billionaire has revealed that he is seriously down with a deadly ailment.

The source disclosed this ailment through his social media post.

Nzubechukwu Ikueze wrote :

Somebody should remind Arthur Eze and “dysarthric” individuals like him that it was an Igbo man in the shape of late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu ( our eternal Eze Igbo Gburu gburu) that doled out his father’s wealth to fight in defense of defenseless Biafrans and particularly Igbo people who were hounded all over the place during the North-led pogrom preceding a brutal genocidal war. His personal sacrifices steeped in the unquantifiable love for his people, especially throughout the war, ensured that our dignity of existence wasn’t terminated as was intended by the enemy and her foreign allies. Ojukwu fought so that Arthur Eze may live and become whatever he is today, though regrettably through dubious and traitorous means. “Igbos don’t love themselves”.

Somebody should remind this unbridled slavish billionaire that Nnewi is the Japan of Africa today courtesy of late Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu’s ( late Emeka’s father) enormous contributions towards the economic advancement of his people both in wise counsels and practical example. “Igbos do not love themselves “.

It is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that no system in the entire world has created more millionaires both in history and presently than the Igbo Apprenticeship System. I’m now puzzled as to how a people who don’t love themselves can show one another how to ascend the ladder of wealth creation by mastering certain trade skills and business ideas anchored on their immeasurable industriousness and competitive spirit. “Igbo do not love themselves.

Somebody should please reset the brain of this Ukpo misguided billionaire with the reminder of the East having the fastest growing economy in Africa under the leadership of late Michael Okpara who was not from Sokoto or Ijebu Ode. You cannot grow the economy of a place inhabited by people who don’t love themselves except in theory. I’m ashamed that a young guy like me in his late twenties is reeling out these historical facts to properly school a septuagenarian irredeemably initiated into the cult of “efulefus”. Okwa ndi elder nwanu na acho respect.

That such garbage was spewed by Arthur Eze in his elderly status has once more proven that old age does not guarantee wisdom because even foolish people grow old. Grey hair ain’t great wisdom. Some people may give a permissible posture to that stench statement because to them, he’s from the aristocrat, forgetting that class is not about cash and Rolls Royce but about the personality you were born with. If you don’t have it you don’t have it. That’s why somebody can be a billionaire and still choose to be subservient and slavish to a filthy, unadvanceable and uneducatable fulani. Mazi Nnamdi kanu was illegally detained, lost both parents and their royal home desecrated all out of love for his people when he could have collected billions of naira from the North like Arthur Eze and walk away. That’s a noble class.

Arthur Eze is full of love but he’s bullying Abba people with his wealth and connections in a dubious bid to confiscate their ancestral land for his personal selfish interest. Isn’t that laughable?

Igbo people do not love themselves according to Arthur Eze’s theory but many Igbo accomplished intellectuals were products of community scholarships of which sponsorships were driven by people of communal understanding, mostly illiterate farmers, but naturally scope-widened enough to appreciate education as the yardstick for progress of their respective communities. They did this without minding whose child benefited from such benevolence so long they were the finest brains. I have a septuagenarian family doctor who’s a beneficiary of this rare community blessing. The community couldn’t just allow his brilliance to waste away. They trained him up to the university level before he got awarded with a scholarship from the federal government.

In many rural communities across Igbo land you would witness projects like community schools and electrification originally built by the indigenes before handover to the government. One of my indelible childhood memories entails when a town crier was making public announcement reminding everybody to expedite payment for the purchase of transformers and electric poles to electrify the remaining parts of my town. You know those early morning sounds from a wooden slit drum or a metal gong that can even wake up the Egyptian mummy. I’m now struggling to understand how a people who naturally are haters of themselves, according to Arthur Eze’s tongue of fury, can set out to collectively achieve a goal. Somebody like Allen Onyema of Air Peace is an Igbo illustrious son whose love and magnanimity towards his people were witnessed when he singlehandedly airlifted from South Africa, Igbo people already headed to the slaughter house of xenophobia. Something a ‘xenophobic’ federal government of Nigeria couldn’t do.

Arthur Eze has a problem called dysarthria. It’s difficulty in articulating words. I have watched him speak in public. That shouldn’t be any reason for putting his tongue in gear without engaging his brain in clutch. “Igbo people don’t love themselves “. Whenever you hear this, just know it’s coming from the infamous class of fulani boot-licking lapdogs billionaired enough to do the work of the caliphate in our land.

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