“The journey of 9 months wasn’t a palatable one for me, my baby came out looking like 3 months old baby”Beautiful lady says


By: Sky Gospel News TV

God is working wonders in the lives of our pregnant mothers.

This year has seen various testimonies of women with their different pregnancy challenges that ended up in praise and all round joy to families and friends.

Such was the case of a social media influencer and philanthropist Ada Blessing Ukelonu who disappeared from social media for quite a long period of time only to come back with a glorious testimony.

She posted :

Seriously,I appreciate all your concerns and I’m sorry for the long absence.
So I’m taking out little time to explain about the absence,especially for those who genuinely cares about me.
Some of you knows the constant challenges i was facing concerning this account.

Along the line I became sick which after running some tests I found out I was pregnant.
The pregnancy came at a point of prayers and along the line it was not an easy journey for me.
I had what they called chronic vomiting.
I couldn’t count how many times i was vomiting in a day,sometimes vomiting blood.
I was practically depending on fluids cos i couldn’t retain food in my system.
Sometimes the only way to feel comfortable is to sit down through out the night.
It was a journey of house to hospital,but ChukwuOkike led me through and sustained me with His strength.

I thank ChukwuOkike that all through the ordeal nothing happened to my baby.
Inspite of some bleedings,after every scan they will tell me she is okay and jumping up and down with no abnormalities.
I have a lot to say but not today.

I’m sorry if I did not pick some of your calls nor replied messages.I didn’t really have access to my phones then because of what was happening to me.

I was able to go through this journey with the help of my husband,he was practically doing everything for me,taking care of me like your own blood would.
I thank God for making him financially bouyant to take care of all the expenses.
I thank my families,friends who were praying for me all through.

It was a tremendous nine months journey ,with whole new experiences,attacks,battles,even on the day of delivery but I won’t say everything now.
All in all,we came out victorious,ChukwuOkike made a name in our lives as He promised from the beginning.
We have another Ada Biafra,she came out weighing 3.5,looking like a 3 months old baby.
Very perfect and beautiful but looks like her dad.
Thank you ChukwuOkike.

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