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What actually does Ralph Uwazuruike want in Igbo land? Since 90 krede we have been hearing of MASSOB and their agitation in Nigeria, nothing good has ever happened nor come out from their agitation.

Then there’s one of my old uncle who’s a tailor, every time he will be bragging to us that ones Biafra comes Uwazuruike had promised to make him the head of all the tailors in Biafra Land. Back then, we will just be laughing at him. Ones you crosses his gate be ready to hear about Uwazuruike and MASSOB.

Few months later, they went for a meeting with Uwazuruike, Police bundled all of them inside cell, Uwazuruike went and collected a bribe from the government, many died in that process and never returned back home till today. Some of us will still remember this.

Soteeey, that my uncle died, Uwazuruike still never actualized Biafra. Instead he resorted to collecting bribe from government building Mansion, hotels and hostel everywhere in and outside Nigeria and even in the Northern States. Someone fighting for freedom? Building hotels in the land owned by people he’s fighting and you call that person a freedom fighter Uwazuruike is a big time game man.

But ever since, Nnamdi Kanu arrived with a divine mandate to actualize Biafra, Nigeria is shaking, even a new born baby can feel the heat. Nigerian government is after his life, the humiliated his parents, killed so many of his supporters, yet he’s still standing strong and courageous.

Before nobody gives Biafra agitation much attention but now all the 3 arms of Nigerian government pays attention and eagerly planning on how to stop this Unstoppable and devoted youths crying for freedom unlike during the time of Uwazuruike.

Fiamm… Uwazuruike arrived again with BIM to sabotage the efforts of Nnamdi Kanu again. I ask again what does Ralph Uwazuruike want in Igbo land. Something you cannot achieve for years, leave those destined to actualize it do so. After all, it all for our good or is there anything you are not telling ndi Igbo.

(Ifeanyi Darlington)

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