I Neither Make Women Pregnant Nor Collect Their Babies Destiny, I Visited Because They Are My Fans-Angela Nwosu Cries Out


Still on the trending news about Angela Nwosu the online influencer and self acclaimed digital ogbanje, so many stories Have surfaced as people have their different views about her. This views has lead to so many twisted stories.

People now twist the story to suite them and looks sweet in the ears of those that would see and read the stories.

One of this twists is about the child visits that Angela Nwosu embarked on to her fans that gives birth.

The stories making round the internet is that she has used the destinies of those innocent children because their mothers has collected evil money from Angela Nwosu in the name of child’s visit.

But see what the Angela Nwosu has to say about the twisted stories and perceptions.

She posted :

It’s such a pity that every time I set out to do something good, people will find ways to twist and turn it into evil. See the innocent child visitation I started few weeks ago, has now been twisted into evil. I still have 5 women that gave birth, I am scared to post them now, because of how evil people will twist it, all to use it against me.

Pictures are going round social media, saying I claimed to be the one that made the last woman conceive, when all I did, was to innocently give her a 50k cash gift, to congratulate her, on the arrival of her baby, as an active fan that she is. It’s not like she was the only one that I have done such for. This is pathetic 🤦‍♀️

People always find a way to trend me negatively, which I am used to, it doesn’t bother me, but my only pain here, is using the picture of an innocent baby and her mother, to lie all over social media, all to bring Angela Nwosu down. How do these people sleep at nights? Don’t they have contents to use against me anymore? Why use the pictures of an innocent baby? Why, please? Kai.

This hatred and bitterness they have for me is really deep, I thought it was only about getting likes, comments and followers for them, I didn’t know it cuts deeply into them and has gotten to their blood🩸Ikegwuru.

I guess they want me to stop the child visits, but I will not. I will keep doing it, my intentions are pure and I have nothing to hide. I have never and will never claim I made anyone pregnant. Even when I start selling my fertility treatment and women conceive, I won’t still claim that it was me that got them pregnant, I am not God. My fertility booster can only effectively enhance the chances of conception, but the rest is up to the universe.

I also heard that some people attack the mothers of the children I posted, for collecting ‘evil’ money from me. They said so many mean things to the innocent babies, just to make their mothers feel bad for being my fan. Odikwa egwu.

People must talk sha, whether good or bad.



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