The significance/mystery surrounding the Igbo Okpu agụ and the connection with Ibibio – Nnamdi Kanu


By: Juli Mbah

IPOB Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu lectures Biafrans on their origin and lost villages of igbo scattered in different states.

His teaching was directed to the popular igbo hat called Okpu agụ (leopard hat) with regards to the symbolic and mysterious meaning of positions of the hat’s tail when worn.

This hat is also common to Ibibio people who often denies that they are not Igbos nor related to Igbos.

His post read:

I woke up to this amazing piece, originally written by @Ugo Nwamama and republished by Nwafor Obinna Stanley:

This IGBO Hat Is Called OKPU-AGU (Leopard Hat). It Is Much More Older Than The Red Cap. Many Modern IGBO People Don’t Know The Intrinsic Value Of This Hat, And Its Various Meanings. The Tail Of This Hat Contains Various Meanings, Depending On How You Position Them. And Depending On How You Are Wearing Them, Only An NZE Or OZO Would Know The Ritual Meanings. But Now That We Are In UGA ANWU, It Is Okay To Enlighten You Guys On What They Mean So That You’ll Start Wearing Them PROPER.

When You Wear The Hat With The Tail Facing Back, It Means That Something Is Wrong, Somebody Died, Your Life Is Facing UGA AZI. Things Are Moving Backwards For You. When You Wear The Tail Forward, It Means That You Are Going Somewhere Very Important. You Are With An IKENGA ODUMIJE. Your Life Is Moving Straight Forward, No Turning Back. When You Wear The Tail Facing Either Left Or Right, Like Shown In The SIRIUSUGOART, It Means That You Are In A Good Mood. You Are At A Wedding Or A Celebration Event. You Have So Much To Thank For. You Are Well Balanced.

Now That You Guys Know The Mysteries Of The OKPU-AGU, Be Very Conscious On How You Wear Them. And Respect The Rituals

Me: Monday Etokapkan said he is against Biafra championed by Igbos, but little did he know he is Igbo too because Ibibio and Igbo are one.

Former Governor Godswill Akpabio is Annang which makes him Ibibio and in turn makes him Igbo. In fact all the pictures and people featured here are non Igbos according to Nigga-area government yet they are the ones the author is describing.

Common sense is not common after all. We are all Igbo people from one common ancestry.

(Mazi Nnamdi Kanu)

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