I’m asking those selling rope not to sell rope again till Sunday, because after my preaching on Sunday, people will commit suicide!

~ Mazi Nnamdi KANU


The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to to his social media page early this morning to address Biafrans all over the world.

Here are the extract from his emergency broadcast ;

on 12th June 2020 on Radio Biafra

  1. An opening prayer, ushering the presence of Elohim by the prophet of the most high, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
  2. I can’t believe that we are praying and they are busy kicking me out of Facebook, but we are back again, and absolutely nothing can stop us.
  3. We want to save Nigerians today, so that there will be less bloodshed.
  4. I want to prove to the world , because everywhere in the world, men and women are listening. I posted something on my wall this morning .
  5. I was watching the shameful act of Aisha , because they couldnt fix the hole in the Mask, so they opted for a heavy makeup to make the boy look as old as the 79 years old Buhari.
  6. I want to be able to demonstrate to the whole world and myself that there are some black people who can reason.
  7. The first question is, was that broadcast you saw, live?
  8. If it was not live, why was it recorded? If you have a President who is alive, why will you want it recorded ?
  9. How can you not address your so called fellow Nigerians live, but you claim to be addressing the rest of the world live.
  10. What is the essence of democracy when you have someone who can not address you live.
  11. If you doubt me look at Bill Gate. Are you telling me that there is any treatment he cannot afford? Are you telling me that Bill Gate is older than Buhari?
  12. I want you to understand that our idiocy as black people is in the way we reason, the way we analyse things.
  13. I was watching it live on Vanguard this morning, and I was dismayed , I was disgruntled.
  14. What will it take to collapse the ZOO, if everyone is saying the same thing, then that marks the end of Nigeria.
  15. We are going to give for free to the rest of Nigeria in perpetuity, supervised by the United nations.
  16. You have a President , from year to year he doesn’t do a live broadcast and you are sitting there looking sheepishly.
  17. I am going to ask those who are selling rope not to sell rope on Sunday because after my broadcast this coming Sunday, some of you are going to commit suicide.
  18. Everybody is living in fear, everybody is terrorised. Who is Fulani and how many AK47 do they have that we cannot afford?
  19. Listen carefully please, if you listen to me, your life will never ever be the same again.
  20. A country of over 200 million people cannot spell the word President. If you doubt it, please go to my wall and see for yourself.
  21. They said that Buhari was a General that he went to war college, which was the basic why he got elected. But I am going to debunk all these liars.
  22. Do you know why the remind every suspect in prison is for money making between the prison authority and the judge.
  23. I must preach, if you dont like it, you get away, a whole Channel TV took money and falsify a video to deceive people.
  24. Black people in Africa especially In Nigeria , why are you this evil?
  25. Why are they doing this? because they want to remain in power forever.
  26. This picture am about to post on my page is the reason why I I belive that Osibanjo is in trouble.
  27. I’ve been asking this question, why they kept snapping in every movie. I only found out last night. And someone, said that, as he was watching Osibanjo he was changing color. I watched NTA and found out that Osibanjo is in trouble.
  28. I kept asking the ZOO, so you think you are going to deceive us? Do you know who we are?
  29. They don’t know who we are, I am Nnamdi Kanu and that name will hunt you forever.
  30. When we go out everyone comes out and nobody is paid to do anything , no data, money giving even in hardship.
  31. If Osibanjo is alive bring him out for a live interview in Yoruba language.
  32. Anybody who watches Channels TV is an idiot. You are better off listening to highlife.
  33. I want to dismantle them today with their June 12.
  34. I am doing this so that they may know how blessed we are, and asking you, Okoko with feeding bottle n’ege anyi nti, why didnt Elohim gave you the same wisdom as he gave us.
  35. Just wait for Sunday’s programme, Sunday is armageddon. After Sunday’s programme your life will never remain the same again.
  36. They ZOO has no government and am proving it to the whole world on a democracy day when there is no democracy.
  37. I told them, I will destroy the ZOO, with Thetruth, eziokwu nke Chineke.
  38. Have i fired a shot ? Elohim told me that with the truth you shall bring down the ZOO.
  39. I want to give you the reason why they are doing it, because they want to stay in power. Some of you don’t know the battle Trump is fighting , because you are not in the spirit.
  40. Islam is now the reason why Aisha is now the defacto president with her boyfriend sitting them, deceiving you.
  41. Do you see why Tinubu is supporting Channels TV, is all about islam.
  42. Ask TINUBU, can you go to the north today being Friday to conduct a Jumai prayer , the answer is NO.
  43. I thank you very much for listening, and this is where we will leave it this morning , as we consistently and consciously maintain that Biafra is our Religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, and Chukwu Okike Abhiama is our God. From me , from here, it is Goodmorning.


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