Stop The Crocodile Tears You Conspired Against GEJ To Make Buhari President: Nigerians Mocks Soyinka

Stop The crocodile tears; You Conspired Against GEJ To Make Buhari President, this is just the beginning

~ Nigerians Tell Soyinka

Nigerians are reacting in drove to Professor Wole Soyinka’s open rebuke of President Muhammadu Buhari for appointing people from his section of Nigeria into office. While some of the commenters have commended the Nobel laureate for speaking up, others are pointing accusing fingers at him for being part of those that campaigned to make Buhari President.

Indeed Professor Soyinka supported and campaigned for the candidacy of Buhari in the 2015 election, saying that the former Military ruler was a better candidate than the then incumbent Goodluck Jonathan. But he has since declared that Buhari was no better a candidate than his predecessor. But many Nigerians still hold grudges against him for endorsing Buhari in the first place.

Some of the commenters went as far as accusing him of conspiring with the Hausa Fulani and Yoruba political elite to plot the outer of Jonathan who many still believe could have done better than Buhari. Wesley Akintayo blamed Soyinka for what has become of the nation saying that the Professor with hindsight should have known that Buhari didn’t have the capacity to deliver on his promise of good governance and prosperity.

According to Akintayo, who made his view known on Facebook, “It is quite unfortunate that we found ourselves in this mess, from the onset one could predict with the way the party was formed and the people that formed it that it was going to be another failure. Regrettably, people crying mostly now played a very significant role to sell Buhari to the masses. Prof Soyinka is not a trust worthy person. He has so many tongues and can never be reliable. ”

Evang G. E. Asuama was pointblank in his admission that Soyinka should be held responsible for Buhari’s failure. “People like Soyinka conspired against GEJ and brought Buhari into power.” He said

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