Madagascar registers her first death case from coronavirus on Sunday

Days after the news of Madagascar pulling out from all international organisations including WHO and removing English as her official language, it registers its first coronavirus death.

Recall that Madagascar has a herbal cure for Covid-19 which is yet to be recognized and adopted by WHO.

Not minding the delay and protocols on the part of WHO, so many African countries has purchased the Covid-19 herbal cure from Madagascar including Guinea Republic.

After purchasing the herbal cure, Guinea Republic announced its success in treating Covid-19 patients one week after purchase.

According to reports yesterday, a death was registered in Madagascar as a result of COVID-19.

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Madagascar has registered its first death from Coronavirus.
The country’s national COVID-19 taskforce announced on Sunday that the victim is a 57-year-old medical worker who was also suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. .
Taskforce spokeswoman Hanta Danielle Vololontiana said in a televised statement that the man had died on Saturday night.
“A man died from COVID-19 in Madagascar … he is 57 years old and a member of the medical staff,” she said.

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