Former president Olusegun Obasanjo has fled the country with his family ; Biafran Revolutionary Force

Office of Biafra Revolutionary Forces High Command
February 10, 2020
Special Report—
What promise has Biafra Revolutionary Forces made to the Nigeria Federation that is not taking place? For those who are naive, out of touch, or new to BRF activities, right from the first we encouraged you to visit the official BRF website and verify the reason why the current Nigerian military is vulnerable. Determine for yourselves why they are incapable of challenging and defending the Nigerian public and its properties from the dreadful BRF.
Biafra Revolutionary Forces began its action by eliminating highly trained Nigerian Army and Air Force higher ranking personnel in order to weaken the strength of the Nigerian military. At that time no one could believe the activities of BRF. Some Biafra agitators were labeling BRF with undeserved names. What a pity! Today it is known to Nigerians of every variety that BRF has taken the upper hand throughout the entire so-called nation. Remember you were warned? Remember you were told? We promised that every nook and cranny of the Nigerian federation, from East to West, North and South, will smell what BRF is cooking.
As you read this one of the architects of Nigeria, an endemic and chronic disease known as General Olusengun Obasanjo, has fled to London with his family. Why is Obasanjo running away, you ask? He should stay to face the consequences of his evil deeds against Biafrans. Remember that Obasanjo was one of those who swore that nothing good will be allowed to survive in Biafra land? So he and his cohorts placed an unwritten sanctions in Biafra land under which no meaningful industry will be allowed there. No meaningful Biafran will be elected in Biafra land, and if the Biafrans do, they must replace such person with any known Criminal to take over. The seaports in Biafra land are overgrown with weeds.
As if that was not enough, individual factories were destroyed or were closed down by the Obasanjo administration, along with both past and present Nigerian governments. The list goes on and on. Biafrans are forced to travel 600 km from their land in search of greener pasture in the midst of abundance. The only substandard airport in Biafra land is closed down and rendered useless. To make matters worse the weak link among Biafrans are those brainwashed into believing that the igbos are their real enemy. What an absurdity!
Today Biafra Revolutionary Forces has no choice but to destroy everything that Nigeria has acquired, built, erected or bought with the resources of Biafra. No matter where such is located. For those clamoring for 2023 you are living in a fool’s paradise. One thing is a surety. We are promising Nigeria that every day there will be bad news for the country. This will be stepped up until we rise up completely victorious and in shame Nigerians beg Biafrans to leave the fraud federation of Nigeria.
All hail BRF!
Long live Biafra!!

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